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Color Picker ActiveX Control

Color Picker ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that includes one dialog
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16 March 2009

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For all those application developers who want a diverse set of colors for designing or give an elegant look to their applications can find a solution in the name of Color Picker ActiveX Control 1.5. Color Picker ActiveX is a brilliant tool that will assist you to select from the various color models such as Red, Green, Blue(RGB); Hue, Saturation, Brightness (HSB); and Cyan Yellow, Magenta, Black (CMYK). Color Picker ActiveX Control as its name suggests any environment supporting ActiveX technology such as Visual FoxPro, HTML, Visual C++, .NET, Visual Basic, Office document etc. can effectively operate this coloring application effectively. The process of working with this application is so very simple that even less technically sound person can also operate it with the innate interface it provides. All you need to do is pick the color that you have decided and apply it where you want to color. You will be provided an immense collection of colors to choose from.

As you will get along with Color Picker ActiveX you will be able to view 2 color boxes which are located at the both ends, one left and other right. Right box represents selected colors and left box represents current colors. This feature will easily help you to easily differentiate the difference between to colors while you are working. To select different shades of color, the Color Picker dialog-box will help you to do it by simply selecting the colors by defining them numerically or selecting them visually. Besides the color modes that is RGB or HSB or CMYK, this tool offers a collection of 138 predefined colors. This tool can be conveniently installed and uninstalled from your system with a single amount of trouble.

This Color picker is a majestic find for any programmer who can master it with least possible efforts and add a fantastic touch to the development of your project. We rate it with 4 on a scale for the its well thought out functions.

Publisher's description

Color Picker ActiveX Control is designed with simplicity in mind. It designed for .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, HTML, Office document and any other environment that support ActiveX technology.
Color Picker ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that includes one dialog. It provides facilities to select from most popular three color models like RGB (Red / Green / Blue), HSB (Hue / Saturation / Brightness) and CMYK (Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black).
Color selection is the act of picking the color that you want to use in part of your image.
You can always see which colors are currently selected, since it is shown near the upper-right hand corner of the dialog.
There are two color boxes. The one on the left represents the current color. The one on the right represents the selected color. You may easily see the difference between current and selected colors.
The Color Picker dialog box, allows you to select a very specific shade, either by visually choosing it or by defining the color numerically.
Visually. The initial white-black square is the current color. Drag the little selector on the vertical color slider to change the range of colors displayed, then click on the desired shade to select it.
Numerically. Enter the correct color code in the RGB, CMYK or HSB, text boxes.
In addition to using the HSB, RGB, or CMYK color schemes, you can choose from 138 predefined colors, by using the combo box.
Extensive methods and properties description, code examples will help any level programmer to master it at zero-time frame saving a great amount of efforts on project development.
The control and all related documents has been packed into a full features installation archive which contains uninstall, demonstration and help documents.
Color Picker ActiveX Control is distributed as key-enabled demo software. You may install and test it free of charge for as long as you like.
Color Picker ActiveX Control
Color Picker ActiveX Control
Version 1.5
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